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PRAECORE, LLC is a small business specializing in high-risk, special mission unit, special operations forces, law enforcement and responsible & upstanding civilian training support services. We have over a decade of experience in establishing and managing military and other government training programs that provide a solid foundation for skill enhancement. Our goal is to offer unconventional training solutions to our clients that provide measurable skillset mastery in a wide variety of course formats in the compressed time constraints we are often forced to work within.


We provide Accurate Training Solutions for Unusual Requirements.

Mike Olivella Founder, Praecore, LLC

Mike was born and raised in Florida and came up as a test jumper for a major skydiving manufacturer that serviced both sport and military clients. He is now an experienced industry professional with over 18 years of practical application and expertise in the instructional field of military freefall operations, precision rifle marksmanship & field craft and has been retained extensively for contract training of JSOC & SOCOM personnel.

SME Instructors

Frequent guest instructors from the military world assist in Praecore classes. Hand picked individuals with skillsets & background from the special mission unit and special operation force community lend real world experience and relevance to Praecore efforts. Other SME’s that are masters of their craft are utilized as instructor cadre where appropriate.

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